Shark Release and Protection with Bali Sharks and Gili Eco Trust


One black-tip reef sharks we released.

Since arriving in the Gilis, I have been blessed with the presence of sharks on a fair few of my dives. I have never felt threatened. I have never felt in danger. If anything, I felt guilty for invading their home, and lucky to witness them swimming free. Unfortunately, however, not everyone sees them in the same light as myself and many others concerned with the health of our oceans.

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What the Next Month in Paradise has in Store for Me

My experiences on Gili Trawangan thus far have been more incredible than I could have ever expected  – the people are all so lovely, the weather is perfect and there are turtles everywhere! There are some things, however, that many people don’t realise (or don’t care to question) that I really believe cannot be ignored. The Gili islands were initially established as a tourist destination due to its beautiful white sand beaches and abundant surrounding reefs. But as time goes on the sustainability of the island and the health of the environment is quickly degrading due to sea temperature rises, overdevelopment, destructive fishing, inefficient waste management and a lack of knowledge amongst tourists and locals. Without trying to manage or stop these issues, the island will lose its beautiful natural environment and the tourism economy will cease to exist.

What is being done? Cue Gili Eco Trust.


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Understanding the Importance of Language Learning

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, it goes to his heart.”

– Nelson Mandela

Learning a new language is always difficult task. Maybe you find the grammar confusing, maybe you learn the word for whale and the word for pineapple flies out of your mind, maybe you can’t remember the new alphabet characters. But is perfecting these things the most important aspect? Currently learning Indonesian myself, I am interested in what it means for others to learn languages and why it is important in todays society.

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Weekend Getaway – Bandung

Making Friends at Balai Kota Bandung.

Making Friends at Balai Kota Bandung.

It’s been almost two months since the move to Indonesia, but it sure didn’t take that long for our group to realise that entertainment options in Depok are fairly limited (and by limited I mean semi-western food, a movie and maybe a game of pool is what you’d call a “big night out”). So we made the choice this weekend to venture out of the humidity, rain and ridiculous traffic to the so-called “Paris of Java” – Bandung.

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